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Ok so I am currently working at one of our local “outside” Boston area hospitals. I am a Per diem “cook” ( the only female one at the moment, SORRY GUYS) and also a hostess! Hostess not meaning like a waitress type hostess but, sort of! Part of my job as a hostess is sort of like the”Back up” for our in House “Dietitians”. We are required to “Know” any and “all” diets and restrictions for all our patients. That meaning that over the years I have learned quite a bit about all the different and specific diets practically known to man. We are also required to visit our patients quite often during the day to go over menu planning options, and restrictions also occasionally going up with the dietitian to patient rooms and reviewing the patients “New” or Existing” diet plans as requested by their Doctors. Quite often some of my patients I see have been put on a new restriction or diet and occasionally get a little bummed out when they realize they can’t go home and eat the same way as before they were admitted. This is the reason I chose to write all my recipes for any and “all” specific diets because I want to be able to help the patients we see and show them that there are solutions to still eating “Great” without the harmful foods and ingredients that more than likely landed them in the hospital in the first place? Showing them that “Yes” you have been put on a restricted diet but, that “YES” you can still go home and eat almost the same foods but, with some revisions. I like to give my patients tips and even some recipe ideas on how to enjoy their new diets and lifestyles without feeling like they are sacrificing the things they enjoy the most. My philosophy is “There a million and one ways to make and create beautiful and healthy food, with a little creativity and imagination the options are pretty much endless”…. This is “MY” motivation behind my recipe writing. Helping people still eat that great tasting comfort foods they and I as well grew up eating but, just making it healthier so we can “ALL” stick around a little bit longer.. Cheers!!! 🍷
IMG_3166.JPG Cheers!! Kate xoxox


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  1. uberdish says:

    I love your job! It must be very rewarding helping others – especially with food-related issues that tend to cause a great deal of anxiety and stress. And, how wonderful that you work together with doctors and dieticians. Wish we had a team like that here!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words.. We do what we can and as much as we can to prepare our patients with the info they need to go home and hopefully start a new way of eating and most importantly “living”!!! 😃👍❤️


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