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Creamy Springtime Risotto Primavera. 

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted some of my recipes but, with working and all other of life’s hassles it’s been somewhat of a challenge.. Anyway,  I am SUPER excited to bring you this wonderful “Springtime” dish that is as pretty to look at as it is delicious to eat.  Risotto is something that I make a few times a month to swap out your usual side dishes. It does take a lot of babysitting while cooking but, it’s so worth the wait I tell you.  This is a simple variation of one of my most favorite side dishes and can really go with just about any protein or simply just by itself as a wonderful vegetarian dish. Hope you guys enjoy this goodie as much as my family and I did.
2 cups Orzo pasta
6 cups Chicken Stock
4 tablespoons butter
1 1/2 cups grated Parmesan
2 cups frozen peas
2 large carrots diced
3 cloves Garlic ( grated)
Salt and pepper
Fresh or dry Parsley for garnish

In a medium saucepan, melt butter over medium heat. Add in grated garlic and diced carrots. Cook garlic and carrots for about 2 minutes. Turn heat to medium high and add in Orzo. Cook Orzo for roughly 2 mins. Add in 1 cup of chicken stock and continue stirring till most of the liquid evaporates ( make sure to scrap the bottom of the pan each time you stir). Once Orzo has completely absorbed the first cup of chicken stock, you will now add in the second cup you will do this step till all 6 cups of chicken stock has been used ( after each cup has been absorbed into the Orzo, you will then add the next cup of stock) . Once Orzo has a super Creamy and thick texture turn heat to low and add your freshly grated Parmesan and frozen peas. Stir and combine till peas are fully cooked though. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add to a large serving dish and sprinkle with either fresh chopped parsley or dry Parsley and serve.
Cooking time: approx 25 mins
Serves 6 peeps


Fontina and almond “Pita” pizzas. 

Thin,crunchy,quick and virtually NO MESS is what I’m talking about. Super crunchy and low in carbs, this little pizza is the perfect combo for satisfying your tummy as well as watching the old waistline. 
4 Low carb pita pocket breads

2 cups shredded Fontina cheese

1 cup whole and chopped almonds

4 cloves minced garlic (1 clove for each pizza) 

2 teaspoon dry oregano

2 teaspoon dry basil

Drizzle of olive oil

Olive oil cooking spray

Salt pepper
Preheat your oven at 375

Spray cooking spray onto a large baking sheet, place 4 pita pockets on baking sheet. Sprinkle Shredded fontina, almonds, oregano, basil, garlic and salt and pepper on all 4 pockets. Drizzle a tad bit of olive oil over each pizza. Bake at 375 for 10-15 mins. Remove and add some chopped fresh parsley for garnish and serve. 
Cooking time : Apprix 10-12 mins 

Serves 4 peeps

Spaghetti with Basil tequila tomato sauce. 

Tequila you may ask? Yes, that’s what I absolutely said. Came up with this recipe by accident while running out of vodka to make a traditional “vodka” cream sauce. Although there is no cream involved in the making of this recipe it is sure to please and not to mention figure friendly.  This dish has a little bit of a spicy kick to it by adding some chili flake and a dash of Tabasco.   Of course you can omit both if ya can’t take the “HEAT”? Just kidding, it’s delicious either way!! 

2 can San Marzano tomatoes 

1/2 cup Tequila ( I use Jose Cuervo)

5-6 leaves of torn basil

2 cloves grated garlic 

1-2 tablespoons Tabasco sauce( you can dial it down by only adding 1 tablespoon or omitting completely) 

1 teaspoon dry chili flake

1 lb spaghetti or vermicelli pasta

Drizzle of olive oil

Salt and pepper 

In a large pot over med heat, add olive oil and grated garlic. Sauté garlic for about 1 1/2 mins. Add in both cans of tomatoes. Break up tomatoes using a wooden spoon. Once bubbling add in tequila, chili flake and Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper. Turn heat down to low and let simmer at a low boil for 1 hr. After 1 hr, stir in torn basil and taste for seasoning.( you might need to add more salt and pepper depending your own preference of seasoning) 

Boil pasta as directed salting the water before dropping pasta. Drain and add to tequila sauce, toss and serve with chopped flat leaf parsley/torn basil and grated parmigiano and serve. 

Cooking time: approx 1 hr 15 mins

Serves 6 peeps


Garlic and Parmesan crusted Brussels. 

3 words…. Garlic, Parmesan, and Brussels!! This my friends is my new most favorite delicious  way to NOW eat Brussels sprouts. Trust me, it will be yours as well!! 

1 to 1 1/2 lbs of “large” sized  Brussels sprouts 

1/4 cup grated Parmesan 

6 cloves garlic grated

Salt and pepper 

Drizzle of olive oil

Preheat oven at 375

Cut Brussels sprouts lengthwise and lay on a baking sheet cut side up. 

Sprinkle grated Parm, grated garlic ( grated using a hand held microplane grater) salt and pepper over the top of each. 

Drizzle olive oil over the top of each as well. 

Put into preheated oven and cook for 30-35 mins till top of crust is golden brown. Remove and ENJOY!! 

Cooking time: 30-35 mins

Serves: approx 6-8 peeps

Creamy Parmesan Corn and Potato chowdah. 


Sometimes I just love these cool autumn days! It gives me time to spend tons of time in my kitchen cooking and getting creative. So since “Chowders” well if youre from Boston it’s pronounced chowdah is a really huge thing here this time of year, I decided to get a little creative with a great BOSTON classic dish. Adding the left over rind from a pretty big and expensive piece of parmesan was just the ticket to make this chowdah a fantastic late lunch that warmed me right up! 
2 bags frozen corn

4 large potatoes diced 

3 carrots diced 

3 celery stalks diced 

1 med onion diced 

3 garlic cloves grated 

1 parmesan rind 

1 1/2 teas dry thyme  

1 teas dry Rosemary 

1 teas chili flake 

1 teas celery salt 

2 teaspoons smoked paprika 

1 1/2 cups heavy cream 

1 1/2 box low sodium chicken stock 

3 tablespoons flour 

3 tablespoons butter 

Salt, pepper

Melt butter in larger sized pot over med high heat, add all veggies including garlic and onion , next add spices, salt and pepper, stir and sauté for about 5 mins. Stir  in flour. Cook flour out for about 1 min. Whisk in chicken stock and then cream. Turn heat down to med and add in Parmesan rind. Let simmer for 20-25 mins over med heat. Once chowdah has thicken, taste for seasoning and remove from heat. Serve and garnish with chopped fresh parsley and soup crackers. 
Cooking time: approx 30 mins 

Serves 6 peeps

(Note: if you’re looking to serve more peeps just double the recipe) 


Creamy Butternut squash and Yogurt soup.


I love soups. I really do!! They’re the type of thing you wanna make when you’re really not sure about “What” to make? Adding a bunch of  wonderful and flavorful ingredients into a hot pot  just seems like the perfect choice when undecided. This is just a wonderful “fall” dish that’s really healthy, creamy and seriously fills you up on a chilly night. 

1 butternut squash peeled and chopped 

6 ounces Non-Fat greek yogurt. 

1 tablespoons nutmeg 

1 tablespoon cinnamon 

1/4 cup Fat free heavy cream. 

Salt and pepper

Low fat sour cream and chopped chive for garnish. 
Peel and chop squash into small pieces. Add to a boiling pot of water. Boil till tender ( about 20-25 mins depending on how small pieces are.  Once tender, drain and put into a processor. Add yogurt, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt and pepper. Purée till creamy. Add mixture back to pot. Whisk in cream. Turn heat to med/low heat and let simmer for 10 mins. Remove and potion out into bowls. Top with chopped chive and sour cream and serve. 

Green Eggs and Kale. 

I’m addicted to pesto! All kinds of Pesto’s as a matter of fact. They bring that extra special flavor to really any dish. I must admit, I’m not a HUGE egg eater. It’s not that I don’t like them it’s just that being the non-breakfast eater that I am , I never think to make them for any other meal except for breakfast.  I’m getting better though. 👍 These little Eggwiches I guess you could say are just perfect.  I paired hem with a hearty “Everything” style Italian bread cut into little slices, toasted with olive oil and garlic. Let me tell you the flavors that go on in this little dish is too DIE for.  Tangy, bold, and great for anyone going vegetarian or going meatless for meatless MONDAY. 

6 eggs

1/2 bundle Kale tripped and torn from the stems. 

1/4 cup freshly grated Parmigiano reggiano 

1/4 cup pine nuts

1/4 cut raw walnuts 

3 whole garlic cloves for pesto

4-6 whole garlic cloves for bread 

2 teaspoons lemon zest

3/4 cup olive oil

1 loaf Everything Italian bread ( or whichever bread you prefer) 

Salt and pepper

Toast pine nuts and walnuts in a shallow skillet on med for 6 mins. In a food processor add kale, Parmigiano,lemon zest, whole garlic, toasted pine nuts/walnuts and  salt and pepper. Pulse mixture while drizzling in about 1/2 to 3/4 cups olive oil just till mixture pulls away from the sides. 

Whisk eggs in a med bowl and add salt and pepper. Now, whisk pesto into eggs a little at time. 

Cut bread into 1 1/2 thick slices, drizzle with olive oil and toast on broil for  about 3 mins till top is brown. Remove and rub fresh garlic cloves onto top each toasted slice and sprinkle with salt and pepper. 

Preheat a medium skillet on med heat, add eggs and cook till eggs are a tad bit runny( once you remove the eggs from the skillet they will continue to cook so I remove just shy of fully cooked) 

Portion out eggs onto slices of toast and add some freshly grated Parmigiano right on top and serve. 

Cooking time: 12 mins 

Serves 6 peeps