Cornflake and coconut crunchy shrimp. 

I gotta say, one of my most favorite childhood meals as a kid was when my mom would make “Crunchy” chicken!! Crunchy chicken was none other than just cornflake crusted chicken. Every single week she would make this for me and I literally couldn’t get enough. As of recently I’ve been recreating some of my favorite childhood recipe but, just putting my own little twists and spins on them. I’m not a “huge” seafood lover but shrimp, now shrimp I could eat by the pounds. So of course this was a total no brainier for me. Crunchy with a little bit of sweetness from the coconut flour I used in making this dish. Super easy and totally satisfying!! 

26/30 count Jumbo shrimp

3 cups coconut flour

4-5 cups crushed cornflake cereal

4 eggs beaten 

4 cups vegetable oil for frying

Salt and pepper 
Heat oil in a medium sized pan till thermometer reads about 350. 

Add coconut flour, eggs and crushed cornflakes each to seperate bowls. Mix salt and pepper into both beaten eggs and crushed cornflakes. 

First dip shrimp into flour shaking off excess, then egg and lastly cornflakes. Do this for each piece of shrimp. 

Once oil is at right temp, drop only 4 shrimp at a time. Fry for 20 secs till golden and remove each placing on a paper towel covered plate. Salt and pepper immediately. Plate and serve with your favorite dipping sauces. 
Cooking time: about 10 mins

Serves 6-8 peeps


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