Pancetta and cheddar cheese stuffed baked apples. 

Apple, apples,APPLES….. Well it’s definitely Apple season and usually when we go apple picking,  we end up with  endless amounts of apples. So what the heck do YA do with all those apples??? There are just so many pies and crisps you can make. So a savory dish for me was the way to go!!  I’m a sweet and salty girl, I love recipes that involve both so when I can,  I always totally up to incorporate both into wonderful dishes. Don’t forget the wine though? Apples, cheese and a great bottle of wine are a complete perfect match. 

10 “Cortland” apples

2 1/2 cups shredded sharp cheddar 

8 ounces pancetta 

Salt pepper

Dry parsley for garnish 

Cut the tops and bottom of apples. ( just shave off the bottom so the apples can stand up with out toppling over). Hollow out each Apple and remove core and seeds. 

Place each Apple in a baking dish. Fill each hollowed out Apple to the very top with cheddar cheese. 

Sprinkle diced pancetta on top. Bake apples for about 30-35 in a 350 oven. Once a toothpick pokes easily through the side of the apples, remove and spinkle some salt, pepper, and garnish with parsley. 

Cooking time: approx 30-35 mins

Serves 10 peeps


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