Pimento cheese stuffed fingerlings


Nothing more appetizing than something stuffed with cheese. Especially potatoes stuffed with cheese. I chose pimento cheese for this recipe well, because PIMENTO CHEESE IS THE BOMB!! If that isn’t a good enough reason than I don’t know what is? 😄
1 bag Fingerling potatoes ( about 24oz)

12 oz pimento cheese

4 tablespoons bacon fat

Salt pepper

Fresh or dry parsley for garnish

Fill a shallow pot with about 1/2 way full. Add potatoes to pot and boil for about 15-20 mins till a fork pokes easily through potatoes. 

Drain and add potatoes to a large bowl filled with ice water ( ice bath) soak potatoes just till they are cool enough to handle. 

Drain potatoes from ice bath and cut a slit down the middle of each potato. Gently squeeze sides till forms an opening.  

Stuff about 1 tablespoon of pimento cheese into each. ( if someofnthe potatoes are larger than add about another tablespoon. Place each filled potato into a baking dish. 

Drizzle some warm bacon fat over top of potatoes. ( you can also use olive oil if you don’t have some leftover bacon fat) 

Bake  at 350 for 15 mins or till cheese is melted. Remove and sprinkle, salt, pepper and chopped fresh or dry parsley and serve. 

Cooking time: about 35-45 mins 

Serves 6-8 peeps



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