Beef and bacon “Taco” stuffed bell peppers. 


There is one thing that I enjoy more than actually eating food? That would be eating food that I can stuff to the hilt and devour instantaneouly! Somehow, as of lately my recipes that I have been creating have been turning into sort of an adult friendly kid inspired recipes. The best memories that I remember as a child were cooking in the kitchen with my mom! Basically what I’m saying is I’ve been creating more recipes that just basically make me feel like a kid again. Hmm maybe, it’s an idea for a future cookbook?? Sounds cool to me anyway? These are just full of fun. Beef,bacon,peppers,cheese and crushed tortilla chips??? C’mon how can YA resist!! 

4 bell peppers cut in half lengthwise 

1 1/2 lbs lean ground beef

10-12 slices of thick cut bacon chopped 

2 jalapeños seeded and chopped finely

1 large beefsteak tomato chopped 

1 1/4 cup fresh of frozen corn kernels  

1 large onion chopped finely

3 cloves garlic grated 

2 teaspoon coriander 

2 teaspoon cumin

2 teaspoon chili powder

2 teaspoon smoked paprika

1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese 

2 hand fulls of tortilla chips crushed 

Salt pepper

Fill large pot with cold water just  covering the bottom . Place halved peppers  in pot, cover and on med heat, steam peppers for 8-10 mins or till soften. Carefully remove peppers with tongs and place in a baking dish. Set Aside. 

In a large sauté pan, add chopped bacon and render till crispy. Add beef, onion, garlic and, corn, tomatoes,jalapeños, spices, salt and pepper and cook till veggies are tender and beef is browned. Taste for seasoning. 

Fill peppers with beef and bacon filling to the top of peppers. Sprinkle on cheese and top with some crushed tortilla chips. Bake in a 375 degree oven for 15 mins till tops are browned and cheese is melted. 

Remove and sprinkle  some freshly chopped cilantro or parsley on top and serve. 
Cooking time: approx 30-35 mins 

Serves 4 peeps 



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