Fresh mozzarella stuffed Tomatoes with Basil. 

One thing that I love to do during the warmer months of the year is making recipes that are super simple to make and are just a total tummy pleaser. I love to stuff foods of any sorts so this was just yet another one of my favorite things in the world not only eat but to also stuff the heck out of !! Perfect for lunch, dinner or even a little side snack for breakfast. 
4 large ripe tomatoes sliced in half

8 thick slices of Fresh mozzarella 

1/4 cup chopped or chiffonade basil

Olive oil

Salt pepper
Slice each tomato in half. Scoop a small hole out of each half. Arrange all halves on a baking sheet and sprinkle salt and pepper on each half. Place 1 pieces of fresh mozz on top of each half and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle on basil and a little bit more salt and pepper. Bake in a 375 oven for 12 mins or till cheese is nicely golden on top. Remove and serve. 

Cooking time: approx 12 mins 

Serves 4 peeps 



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