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Cracked Peppered Salami toast with poached egg, pecorino, bursted tomatoes and Basil. 

This is what I call “Brunchfast” at it’s finest. Little bit spicy with a whole lot of flavor. A total package with every single bite. That’s if ya can fit it in your mouth?? lol. 

4 slices Whole wheat Ciabatta cut in angle.

12 sliced Cracked Black peppered Salami

4 cloves garlic

4 eggs

1 1/2 cups golden tomatoes

4 basil leaves chopped of chiffonaded 

1/2 cup white vinegar 

1/4 cup freshly grated pecorino Romano 

Salt and pepper 

Olive oil

Lay tomatoes out on a sheet pan adding olive oil, salt and pepper. Broil for 3 to 4 mins till tomatoes open up and burst. Remove and cover with tin foil. 

Drizzle olive oil on 4 slices of ciabatta with salt and pepper. Char bread half way (2 mins) remove and rub 1 garlic clove on each piece. Top bread slices with 3 slices peppered salami. Char for another 2 mins till salami is crusted on top. Remove and place on platter.  

Add water to med pot, heat on high. Once boiling, stir in vinegar. Using a whisk, whisk boiling water into funnel an add 1 egg. Once egg floats to the top, remove with slottered spoon and place on top of salami toast. Repeat step for each egg. Add tomatoes,  sprinkle on pecorino, chopped basil and salt and pepper and serve. 

Cooking time 12 mins

serves 4 peeps



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Avid Recipe writer, cook, Wife and mom of 2 beautiful girls. Writing recipes for any and "all" diets has become a obsessive passion of mine. I am a home-trained cook who was taught very early by my wonderful mother. I wish to full-fill "her" dream and now mine of writing my very own cookbook someday. The passion and inspiration that cooking and writing recipes ( for me) is like no other. It's what I live for and love to do. It's like a high that I would never want to come down from.

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