Snowy, Snowy Saturday!!

So first off, this is just a post of my day. My 4 yr old daughter lost her very first baby tooth this morning and is impatiently waiting for the “Tooth Fairy” to visit her tonight. Emma’s first 2 bottom teeth had erupted when she was only 8 wks old so I’m really not surprised that one had fallen out and the other is just hanging there by a thread. Lol.


So after everybody was outside building snowmen and freezing our butts off, Of course what did I do, came in and started cooking. Just a simple Chicken and eggplant parm. Just the kind of hearty meal you would want after some nice and chilly snow play ( recipes will be up in the morning)




Not sure if it was the actual “food” itself or being outdoors half day but, all of us sort of just passed out ( fell asleep lol) one by one for almost a 3 hr nap. Geez, I feel like taking nap is a complete “sin” in this house but, it felt REALLY great!!
My poor husband had to work today, and I was off so it was just a great day to hang with my girls and have some fun. It’s been awhile since moving last month that we have actually got to have some quality family fun. Especially with over 2 acres of land and snow, It’s going to be a great weekend to get some sledding in and burn off all the acquired calories that will indeed be consumed till Monday!! 😆😆😆
And finally after some yummy hot cocoa in which my oldest daughter Abbey decided to dip her pretzels in instead of adding the snowman marshmallows I bought, we are finally relaxing ( again) watching “Frozen” for the 100000000000th time.. Nothing like hearing verses over and over again of “Let it Go” and “Do you wanna build a snowman” to put ya right back in sleepy time mode. It’s worth it though. Your children are only young once and they grow so re markedly fast so I’m just trying to enjoy these little moments, even the most smallest ones before they’re are eventually gone. Just got a tad teary eyed typing that last sentence!! My girls=My entire world…….




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