Bacon Cheddar “Beer” Fondue


This was just amazing!! I love cheese!! Heck I love bacon!! Ohh and beer! Lol. I may be a wine girl at heart but, do occasionally enjoy a great brew from time to time!! This is super easy but, the recipe calls for quite a bit of cheese!! Lol that’s ok, it’s New Years Eve!! Just start the resolution tom morning?? Or maybe On Friday?? 😆😆😆

2 blocks of Bacon infused Cheddar shredded
4 cups shredded white cheddar
1 Sam Adams beer or whatever beer you choose!
1/2 cup pancetta ( crisped up in oven)
2 teaspoons white pepper

In a small pot, boil 1 entire beer on med high heat. Once boiling drop heat to med and start adding and whisking all your cheese( whisk in a cup at a time) keep whisking till fondue starts to thicken almost like a homemade cheese sauce for a Mac and Cheese. Next add in you white pepper and Crispy pancetta ( bake pancetta in oven at 350 for 5 mins) . Mix and reduce heat to “low” on your stove top and your done. You can also do this obviously if you own your own fondue pot!! I currently don’t so this is the method I use!! 👍👍 serve with toasted Baguette, pita chips or raw or cooked veggies for a gluten free option.

Cooking time: approx 8 mins

Serves A LOT OF PEEPS!! Lol

EDV, GF ( with veggies or gluten free chips) DF


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