Steak and Fontina cheese twice baked potatoes.



This is what I call the ultimate Meat and potato dish!! Completely gluten free and just too damn good to pass up. Nothing like having a cheesy steak Sammie ( without the Bread of course) and adding some creamy fontina mashed potatoes on top.. And forget about the nice little bits of crispy prosciutto!! Just a nice little additive and salt kick to finish off a really wonderful dish. 😋😋😋

4 large russet potatoes ( washed, scrubbed and dried)
1/2 lb of shaved steak
1/4 cup shredded fontina cheese ( if you can’t find shredded you can either shred it yourself or use fontina slices )
1/4 cup fat free cream
1 tablespoon butter or smart balance
3 strips thin prosciutto
2 cloves garlic chopped
2 stems green onion ( scallions) chopped
Salt pepper
Olive oil

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

First take your potatoes, put them in a colander and under cold water scrub the skins of each potato. Drain and dry each one really well with paper towels.
Take your potatoes and spray them liberally with cooking spray ( all sides). Salt and pepper all sides and put them on the top rack of your oven. Cook potatoes for 45 mins to and hr depending on your own ovens temp ( might have a longer or shorter cooking time). Once potatoes are super tender and you are able to poke a knife right through with out resistance , using a OVEN MITT remove each potatoes and place on a cutting board. Allow potatoes to cool about 15 mins before you cut into them and scoop them out.
Next,once potatoes have cooled a bit, using a small sharp knife ( I use a pairing knife)cut a large round hole right on the very top of each potato and scoop out the middle into a bowl ( most people cut their potatoes in half and then scoop but, I do it on top so you can add more filling inside) once all 4 potatoes have been hollowed out, using a masher or electric mixer, mash or mix scooped out potato in bowl. Next add cheese, cream, butter, salt and pepper and mix or mash till creamy smooth or if you like your taters a little bit more chunkier just mash till you get the consistency you want. Check for seasoning and set aside. ( makes about 1 1/2 cups of mashed total).
Now grab a large skillet, over med heat add a TOUCH of olive oil and your chopped garlic. Cook garlic for about a min. Next add you shaved steak and start breaking up steak with a wooden spoon or spatula. Once steak has browned and cook through, add about 1/4 of freshly shredded fontina cheese and just melt through. Then add a dash of salt and pepper and check for seasoning.
Once steak is ready, grab your hollowed out potatoes and fill each potato with about 1/4 cup of steak and cheese mix. Now scoop out about a 1/4 cup of your mashed and place on top of the steak.
Take chopped prosciutto and sprinkle some over the top of each potato. Place all filled potatoes on a baking sheet and put back into your oven ( still at 400) for about 15 mins. Once tops of potatoes have started to brown just a tad on top, remove from oven, add some freshly chopped green onion on top and serve.

Cooking time: approx 1 hr 15 mins

Serves 4 peeps



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