Red Lentil and Dill Salad with Black and Garbanzo beans.

This is such a quick and easy little salad that even the most “Novice”of all Novice cooks could absolutely do. Lentils are a great addition to any salad,side dish, soup or even just by themselves. Virtually low fat and or fat free, gluten free, 13 grams of protein, cholesterol free and extremely low sodium, 5 mg to be exact . What could be better than that??? Also a great substitute for Mashed potatoes as well YUMMMM… I’m working on a Killer Mashed Lentil recipe, look for that coming up in the next few days..

Xoxo Kate



1 bag Split red lentils
1 can organic Black beans
1 can organic garbanzo beans
1 1/2 half cup unsalted roasted sunflower seeds( these come already pre-roasted)
Small bundle of fresh dill chopped
3 cloves garlic
Few drizzles of olive oil
Shaved parm or asiago
Salt and pepper

Prepare lentils as directed on package. Most packages will say using water to cook the lentils but, I always use either chicken stock or veggie stock. This gives the lentils more depth of flavor than just using water. Once cooked, remove and pour lentils in a large bowl. Open both cans of beans and mix in with your lentils. Set aside.
Next, heat some olive oil in a small pan over med heat, add your chopped garlic. Sautée garlic for a few minutes, just till the oil gives off that GREAT garlic aroma, remove from heat and pour over your salad and combine(You’re basically just making a garlic oil instead of a salad dressing to mix in with your salad) Next add your roasted sunflower seeds, chopped dill, dash of salt and pepper, mix and you’re DONE. Serve by adding a few shavings or Parmigiano or Asiago Cheese.

Cooking time: approx 20 mins

Serves 6 peeps



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  1. annie says:

    i’ve tried making something similar to this before with quinoa. this looks amazing even better with cheese!


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