Avocado cream and Dill potato salad in “Avocado Cups”


So might of already guessed that I am a “Stuffer”? I love stuffing foods almost as much as stuffing my face but, that’s besides the point. These thing are great for appetizers as well as just a mid afternoon snack. Kind of a creative twist on a classic summertime salad. Plus anything with avocados is simply a “WINNER” !!

1 lb Baby red potatoes
6 ripe avocados
2 teas garlic powder
3 shallots chopped
2 cups low fat sour cream
1/4 light mayo
1/2 lemon squeezed. ( cut side up)
3 sprigs fresh chopped dill
2 tablespoons Turmeric
Salt and pepper to taste

Bring a large pot of salted water to boil. Cut each potato in fourths and add to boiling water. boil for about 25 mins or until potatoes have soften. Once potatoes are soft, drain and add too a large bowl. Let potatoes cool for about 1/2 hour. Once cooled, add mayo, sour cream and shallot, the rest of your herbs,lemon juice ,salt and pepper and mix not over mixing. Cut open your avocados, removing the pit with a knife and scooping with a spoon. Keep your avocado shells for these will be your avocado cups. Mash avocados in a smaller bowl. Once mashed add avocados to potato mixture and stir lightly. Once combined, add potato salad to your avocado cups and sprinkle some more fresh dill on top and serve.

Cooking time: approx 30 mins

Serves 6 peeps



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