Kate’s Pumpkin Thanksgiving Turkey sausage BURGAHHH with Whole berry cranberry sauce and sage.



I know, I know this is weird and some of you are probably thinking “Umm?? Huh?? Pumpkin Turkey Burger?? Well, let me tell all you skeptics this!! This burger is probably one of the most amazing burgers I have ever created. That’s why it’s called a “Thanksgiving” burger?? It’s basically every staple and flavor of Thanksgiving but, just in a bun.. Well not every staple but, some of the most important ones. Turkey, pumpkin, cranberry sauce and sage. All the ingredients for making a great tasting and HEALTHY delicious burger.

1 lb Lean ground turkey
1/2 cup Canned pumpkin Purée
1 small shallot ( chopped)
2 cloves Garlic ( chopped)
1 tablespoon dry thyme
1 tablespoon dry rosemary
1 tablespoon smoked paprika
2 tablespoon Fennel seed
1/2 Fresh Parsley ( chopped)
2 cups ( Chiffonade of chopped sage)
1 can Whole berry cranberry sauce
Salt pepper
2 drizzles olive oil
4 Brioche buns

In a large skillet ( Drizzle EVOO) or stove top grill, Heat on med high. In a large mixing bowl, add your ground turkey, chopped garlic and shallot and all of above herbs except for the fresh sage. Mix your turkey mixture till combined. Next add the 1/2 cup of purée pumpkin and mix. With your hands , shape your turkey mix into a large mound and score the meat with your hands until you end up with 4 equal parts ( this make the burgers all the same size and to ensure they all cook at the same temp and time). Form your pattys thicker at the edges but, thinner in the middle ( lol the “Rachael Ray” Way) this just makes sure your burgers are nice and plump and juicy. Then add your burgers to to skillet or stove top grill. Cook on each side for about 5 minutes. Before flipping to the other side of the patty make sure the cooked side is nice and firm so that makes flippage easier and it won’t fall apart while you’re doing your flip.
While burgers are cooking, get a small sauce pan and add you cranberry sauce to you pan. Cook on med heat for about 3 mins and just break it up a little with a wooden spoon. Once your turkey burgers are completely cooked through , cut your brioche buns and add burger to the bottom half. Then Spoon some of that warm delicious cranberry sauce over the top and add you chopped or Chiffonade ( herbs that are rolled up starting at the top and cut into stings) sage to the top of your cranberry sauce. Add your top layer of the bun and serve. Great with a cold beer or a nice glass of fruity “White Wine”..

Cooking time: 12 min

Serves 4 peeps



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  1. wow, making this after the next trip to the grocery store, looks/sounds like a fun recipe for girls night! Thanks!


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