Comfort food cook who’s beliefs are that everyone should be able to eat “GREAT” regardless of diet or restrictions.

Hey guys, my name is Kate and I am from Boston MA. I started cooking at an early age and was taught by my wonderful mother who could cook her “ASS” off.. Lol seriously!! From Pies, to cakes, cookies, to elaborate dinners, this lady knew it all. Sadly I didn’t get the “baker” gene from my mom but, the Dinner ” gene” well I gotcha covered on that one. I am self ( and mom) taught with no culinary school experience what so ever. I am not a chef ( well I am at home anyway) I am a “cook” for one of our local Boston area hospitals. I really hope to write my own cookbook someday. Since I “do” work in healthcare I kind of switched my direction on how I write recipes. Over the last year or so I have been gearing “all” my recipes toward all different diets and restrictions. Gluten Free, low fat, low sodium, diabetic, Renal, low carb pretty much any diet I am confident I can cover. My opinion is that regardless of your diet whether for health or personal reason that you can still eat great tasting and BEAUTIFUL comfort food. This is my very first blog so mishaps and mis-spelled words “WILL” be a force to be reckon with.. Hope you guys enjoy my crazy perspective on food and follow me through my journey.




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